BestSaller 3002 Aluminum Super Six Dice Game, Gold, Ø 5 cm


  • practical travel companion in a handy size
  • valuable educational game
  • 2 dice & 36 game sticks
  • game instructions in 8 different languages: DE, GB, FR, IT, ES, CZ, SK, HU
  • lid lockable – the sticks & dice can not fall out

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The ideal time distribution with friends in convivial company or when waiting with the children. Everyone gets their money’s worth in this game. Due to the handy size, Super six by bestseller is always a practical travel companion for travelling. A great gift idea for all ages instructions: each of the 2-6 players receives the same number of metal sticks. Then roll one after the other and place the sticks in the slot corresponding to the number on the dice. If the field is already occupied, the stick must be taken. If you roll a six , the stick may disappear in the hole in the middle of the lid. Who has no longer sticks, is the winner. By inserting the second dice, there is another trickier game variant for fancier players. Material: sturdy and high-quality Aluminium can with screw cap Colour: Gold Dimensions: height about 5 cm, 5 cm Age: from 3-D years players: from 2 to 6 players contents: 2x dice, 36x Game sticks, game instructions in different languages ​​(de, GB, FR, IT, ES, CZ, SK, HU)
not appropriate for children under the age of 3 years

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5 x 5 x 5 cm


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