Barbie Skipper Babysitters Inc Doll and Accessories


  • ​Play out classic babysitting moments with Barbie Skipper Babysitters Inc. playsets that come with a baby doll, themed accessories and a fun feature to immerse kids in role-play
  • ​This set highlights crawling and playing with a fun bobbling feature on the doll that kids can repeat over and over for wow moments and storytelling fun
  • ​It’s easy for young kids to play: just hold the baby at her hips and help her crawl along to see her head and bottom wiggle
  • ​She has 3 floor toys to chase after and practice her new skill — there’s a pink ball with Barbie “B”, an adorable pink teddy bear and a green turtle on wheels
  • ​When baby is tired of crawling, place her on the blanket under her floor gym to play with the 3 removable toys that can hang from the arch between the giraffes.

​Barbie Skipper Babysitters Inc. dolls and playsets let kids explore their nurturing side – this feeding and changing themed set lets them be the babysitter with a fun, role-play feature. The adorable baby doll has a bobbling head and bottom to mimic real movement; kids simply hold the baby at the hip to help crawl along and see the doll’s head and bottom bobble She has a ball, teddy bear and rolling turtle to chase after or place her under her floor gym on the blanket to play with its three removable toys. Kids will love helping this doll explore Collect the Babysitters Inc. dolls and accessories to fill playtime with babysitting fun because when a girl plays with Barbie, she imagines everything she can become. Includes bobbling baby doll, floor gym and themed accessories. colours and decorations may vary.
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