Baby Rattle Socks Wrist Rattles Foot Finders, 4PCS Baby Rattle Toys Newborn Boys Girls Toys Gift Set, Wrist Foot Rattles Baby Sensory Toys for Toddler Infant Babies 0 6 12 Months, 2 Wrists 2 Socks


  • STIMULATE BABY’S DESIRE TO EXPLORE:Each Twister baby rattle set contains 2 foot socks and 2 wrist hand rattles. This baby rattles sock helps the baby learn to find his feet and hands. Encourage the baby to reach out and grab, enhance hand-eye coordination, awaken auditory consciousness, and enhance motor skills. Shaking hands and feet brings the sound, the baby looks for the source of the sound, which helps the baby to explore and learn.
  • ENCOURAGE BABY TO EXERCISE THEIR ARMS & LEGS: Hand Wrist straps and feet rattle socks built-in bells, cute animal ears built-in rustle paper. Shake and touch them lightly and there will be a sound. Baby will like to observe their hands and feet since they are about 3 months old. Every little sound is a stimulus and serves as a reward for baby exercise. Let the baby start exercising earlier, which will help the baby grow up healthily!
  • SAFE AND BABY FUN:The baby socks wrist rattles toys Made of high quality environmentally friendly fabric, soft and safe for babies to use. Non-toxic and 100% safe for the baby to play; it can be washed when getting dirty, always keep it clean. During the baby period, the baby will like to chew on his hands and little feet. Put on doll toy socks for the baby, so there is no need to worry about hurting the baby even if the baby chews.
  • ATTENTION GRABBER: Ringing paper and ringing bells stimulate the baby’s sensory development in many ways. Soft ringing is helpful to the baby’s hearing development, movement coordination, and visual development. colourful wrist rattles and foot finders, visually stimulate the child’s vision and improving the child’s hand-eye coordination. Improve the baby’s hand-eye coordination.
  • THE BEST CHOICE FOR NEWBORN GIFT:The Wrist rattle foot finder set suitable as a baby shower gift or newborn congratulatory gift, baby toys 0-6 months gift. new families are sure to appreciate these soft infant toys for their bundle of joy. Perfect for baby shower, baby sprinkler, newborn baby gift, birthday gift, register gift, Easter, holiday gift, christening gift. Babies will love and enjoy these toys, and parents will be happy with this thoughtful and interesting gift.

In the early development of physical and communication skills, touching and sensing are crucial activities to help your baby convey their wants and needs. This Newborn Wrist Strap Helps Promote Your Child’s Visual, Audio, And Motor Coordination. These sock and wrist rattles colorful smiling cute animals will entice little baby to touch. The wrist rattle toys for babies will help to develop their hand, foot and eye co-ordination. Strengthening Color Cognition/Vision Cognition/Hearing Development & Voice Development. This little rattle can make a soft rustling sound (the sound is relatively soft, this is to protect the baby’s hearing), which can attract the baby’s attention and give the baby a sound world. At the same time, practicing the use of their muscles in the hands and feet will help improve the strength of their wrists and heels, and better increase the coordination of hands, feet, and eyes. The newborn toys 0-3 months sensory are best gift for your baby! 1. Wrist rattles are easy to wear and take off. 2. The baby socks toys are made of high-grade crystal super soft knitted fabric, which has certain elasticity to wear, not easy to tear. 3. Rattle inside and can make soft ringing when shaking. 4. Different textures and crinky paper,When the baby kneads the ears of them, it will make a funny rustle. 5. Visually stimulate the child’s vision and improve the child’s hand-eye coordination. 6. It can be used as a socks and a toy to fully exercise the baby’s hand and foot coordination ability. Wearable, Adjustable & Washable Wrists rattles were with Velcro,the length on body can adjusted,easy to wear and take off. The rattle toys can wear on hands and foot,baby will not lose them or throw them on the ground. The socks and wrist rattles can be washed recommended hand washing. Package Contents:

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