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  • Articulated and gains weight

Naughty articulated French Bulldog baby. It stands out for its realism, it is made of vinyl without phthalates and they are painted in different colors, they have a size and size of 30 cm and weight 840 g and their eyes are crystalline. Its size, size and weight correspond to that of a French Bulldog puppy and it can be put on a collar, clothes and accessories that you can buy in pet stores. You can give the bottle with water and it will gain weight as if it were growing when you finish playing or it is full, you just have to stretch the tail and the water will come out, then you squeeze it again and you can play again. It comes with longer one leg nails and can be trimmed. It develops affection and imagination, exercises fine motor skills and enhances responsibility, “Just for Fun”. For children over 3. It is manufactured in Spain and complies with all the standards of the CE regulations.

Additional information

Weight 3.0248 kg





‎28 x 17 x 26 cm; 840 Grams


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