B. toys ? B. Ready Beach Bag ? Beach Tote with Mesh Panel and 11 Funky Sand Toys ? Phthalates and BPA ? 18 m+


  • for the beach, the sandbox or for r next camping trip, this beach toy bag from B. toys is filled with 11 funky and colorful beach toys.
  • A breathable mesh panel that lets air in (and sand out) and a sturdy strap that makes it easy to carry it with , wherever life takes .
  • 1 toy bucket, 1 mini-monster truck and 11 funky sand toys: 1 sifter, 1 watering can, 1 sifty rake & 1 shovel, 4 sand molds (cupcake, donut, 123, hot air balloon) and 1 whirly pinwheel to (hopefully) keep the seagulls away from r masterpiece.
  • Bucket with pouring spout and molded patterns at the bottom for unique and detailed sandcastles. Sand molds also feature a carved interior for the most beautiful sand sculptures.
  • Phthalates and BPA-Free, this set of beach toys for toddlers, is made of worry-free materials. We craft high-quality toys that are safe and sturdy at B.
  • This water and sand beach set from B. toys will bring out the inner-child in any parent. Share a moment with r little one to get him going, and then sit back and enjoy a moment of peace, as brief as it may be!,Get r little one’s imagination running… Improves patience, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and more. These sandbox toys are recommended for 18 months +
  • Tiny hands friendly, these beach toys for kids are super easy to grab and hold. This sand play set fits in the beach bag. Dimensions of bag are 12” (L) x 10” (H) x 9.5” (W)

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The B. Ready Beach Bag from B. toys offers plenty for your buck-et. High-quality materials, funky textures and unique features on 11 sand toys that kids will love.
Perfect for camping, the beach, the sandbox or for a sunny day in the backyard, this beach toy set is definitely one of the best summer toys for toddlers. Filled with 11 unique and fun beach toys, the mesh panel at the bottom of the bag allows better air flow so toys can dry and sand can slowly fall out as you walk back from the beach. It comes with a little side of quirky, which is something you have to expect, coming from B. Trendy colors like Navy Blue, Mango, Purple Plum or Lime and unique features like a rake that doubles as a sifter when your little one is busy digging for treasures. Dump even more sand in the sand with a mini-monster truck and top it all off with a whimsical pinwheel! Lots and lots of sandcastles are in the forecast this summer! Have your little one build something he’ll be proud of. Wait for that moment (and that huge smile) when he grabs you by the hand to show you the absolute best sculpture ever. “Mommy, come see!”
Everyone, big or small, will want to dig in. Makes for a fun family vacation activity. Great way to improve hand-eye coordination and to get the whole family playing together. This set of outdoor toys for kids is worry-free, as it is BPA and Phthalates FREE. Recommended for anyone over 18 months.
Bucket rakeshovel4 funky sand moulds mini monster truckwatering cansand sifterwindmillcarry bag with handle.

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