Aurora Borealis x28 DnD Dice Set – Dungeons and Dragons Dice Set with Free Drawstring Bag – D&D D20 RPG MTG Tabletop Roleplaying Polyhedral Role Play – Grinning Gargoyle 5001 Northern Lights (Aurora)


  • ? DESIGNED BY GAMERS FOR GAMERS – Not just any Dungeons and Dragons dice set with seven dice but four different coloured sets for a total of 28 dice. This is the perfect set for any role-player as it contains all the dice you need for character creation, spellcasting damage, resistance rolls, Multiple to hit rolls and much more. No need to purchase numerous 7-piece dice set. We have what you need right here!
  • ? AMAZING SET FOR ANY RPG PLAYER OR EVEN A GROUP – This heavy duty HIGH QUALITY DnD dice set comes with 4 x Six-sided dice (D6) which is what is needed for character creation. Beginner players normally end up buying a set of dice with only 1D6 included. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Bring this set to your first session and impress your Dungeon Master with your dice, knowledge, and hopefully amazing stats.
  • ? PERFECT FOR DUNGEON CRAWLERS, ADVENTURERS & ROLE-PLAYERS: Includes 4x D6 for Fireball & Lightning Bolt Damage, 4x D4 (Four-sided) for Magic Missile Damage, 4x D8 (Eight-sided) for Cure Light Wounds, 4x D20 (Twenty-sided) for to hit, saving throw and perception rolls. All the essentials are right here! Also includes 4x D00 (Percentage Dice), 4x D12 (Twelve-sided), 4x D10 (Ten-sided) for Retro gamers.
  • ? EASY TO READ: All of the backgrounds have clear white printed numbers that are easy to read making this great for beginners. It is also fantastic for veterans who can’t stop killing monsters, casting spells and rolling the dice even at the age of 80. Numbers 6 and 9 have an underscore which makes it easy to identify and differentiate.
  • ? THIS AMAZING SET BASED ON THE AURORA BOREALIS OR NORTHERN LIGHTS IS PERFECT FOR ALL ROLE PLAYING GAMES: This perfectly balanced RPG dice set is ideal for D&D, Magic the Gathering, Pathfinder, Warhammer, wargames, Collectible Card Games (CCG) and board games.

Here at The Grinning Gargoyle we simply create the items that we use ourselves. Being hobbyists, we design them to make our hobbies and gaming experience out of this world. In this case, we have developed an incredible Northern Lights Dungeons and Dragons dice set that really stands out on the table. You no longer have to worry about your fellow gamers walking away with your dice, this DnD dice set really stands out . It takes into account die rolls for spells, combat, search, skill rolls and a lot more. It also feels so good in your hand as you roll and looks so good that when you see that 20, you can just scream out with joy! Our polyhedral DnD dice set are made of high quality materials so that it doesn’t matter what rolling technique you employ, this D&D dice set will last. Each die is inspected by hand before being packed so your Dungeon Master has no reason to complain about your horde killing die roll. And there’s no mistaking that you’ve rolled critical as the numbers are made clearly and are easy to read. The numbers 6 and 9 are underscored to ensure that no mistake can be made. All in all this is the perfect RPG Dice set for veteran players, the ideal D&D dice set for newbies and beginners, and the ideal gift for people who play Dungeons and Dragons, Magic the Gathering (MTG), Pathfinder, Warhammer, Table Top Role-Playing Games (RPGs), Collectible Card Games (CCG), War Games and Board Games. Features: Color: 4 Different Northern Lights Colours Includes: 4 x Four-sided dice (D4), 4 x Six-sided dice (D6), 4 x Eight-sided dice (D8), 4 x Ten-sided dice (D10), 4 x Percentile dice (D00), 4 x Twelve-sided dice (D12), and 4 x Twenty-sided dice (D20) for a critical hit and a life-threatening saving throw. Numbers clearly printed on dice surface with an underscore on the number 6 and 9 If you receive a defective die please contact us for a replacement.

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