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Warning: Not suitable for children under 14 years. For use under adult supervision
BaronyIn Barony your goal is to increase the value of your territories to climb the social scale. From Baron to Vizconde and then Count, Marquis and Duke Every time someone reaches the duke title the round ends and the player with more points is proclaimed king and wins the game every round of Barony you can only perform one action, and you better use it intelligently to expand your territories or strengthen them by recruiting gentlemen or building towns and cities. After all, the need to protect the kingdom will always be there and a good army gives you prestige. And if you are not careful, your opponents will push you to the forests and mountains and you will be left with nothing. The shifts are very fast, since there are only six different actions you can do, so you better put your strategic skills to the point if you want to stand up with victoryny’s scoring system is unique, you get resources by building a town or city in a territory, or making incursions into the village of an opponent with the help of your knights. The resources are linked to the soil they are generated in, and that’s why the rich and fertile farmlands are worth much more than the stone mountains. And the best thing is not only that every game of Barony is different from the decisions that you and the rest of the players are making but that each time the board is mounted differently. Wavy fields, dense forests and steep mountains rise before you, extending to where you can see in a horizon that will very soon be under your domainsENTS36 ground tiles,1 marker, 80 resource chips,1 initial player marker,28 knights chips,20 cities,8 strengths,56 villages,4 reference chips and instructions.

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