Asmodee – Mixmo, Table Game (mix02es)


  • Fast and fun game
  • High Educational component
  • Convenient to carry
  • 2013 edition

“participates in a frantic race in which each player builds their own crossword. I Know The first in place all their tiles and shouts “Mixmo.. To this signal, all players must steal Two tiles more. “The Race Continues To Pace Of “Mixmo. Until All The chips are placed. Luckily nothing lasts forever. You can change again and part of your crossword puzzle (or even all). To further spice up your games Mixmo contains a malicious Jokers that can alter their plans. Then, who has the last word? The absence of dead time and the freedom of constantly change your crossword puzzle is a intense practice of the mental gymnastics and stimulation of creativity. To vary the fun, Mixmo offers 2 options of optional game, in addition to the original 2 variants.

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‎16 x 11 x 12 cm; 580 Grams


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