Asmodee Majesty


  • Majesty is served by a quality equipment, illustrated with care by Anne Heidsieck.
  • Play this pearl is also the last of Marc andréa, author of the famous masterpiece Splendor.
  • Playing time: 30 minutes

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Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years. For use under adult supervision
It is up to you, to make the most beautiful, the most powerful and most full. Invest your or your land and people, so that they can motivate and to make them better. A neighbour you threatening to his men to weapons? Get the resurrection of your vessels thanks to the witch. Or prefer the defences, unless you choose more and ensure your farmers crops, or enlistment of brewers to the morale of everyone… The Family Card Game takes the players to employ characters, linked to different kinds of buildings of the Kingdom. Everyone needs a minimum of combinations to produce effects – Whether it is of buildings to act on for use in the home or in the other, or save money, which are necessary to victory or for the employment of the characters. Each player has the same buildings and the same opportunities. They should keep an eye on the action of its competitors, kill and imaginative by Advance. Majesty of fluids and many different combinations. Every choice will make a difference of the course of the game, and no strategy is loser. The 12 tours of set are all in the battle for supremacy – each player is no idle. The buildings are both sides: it is therefore possible to vary the parties. Majesty is served by a quality material, shown with care by Anne Heidsieck. This pearl’s masterful fun is the last Marc “”, the author of the famous splendor.

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