Asmodee Captain s.o.n.a.r. – Spanish, Colour (SON01ML


  • Captain s.o.n.a.r. – Spanish.

Warning: Not suitable for children under 36 months
It seems like you hadn’t seen the outside world in years; your days spend in a constant mist, working with your crew colleagues in a small tin of metal surrounded by the oppressive darkness of the depths of the ocean; you don’t know whether it’s day or night, but a simple ping makes you get out of the routine in an instant, in the sound of a submarine that has broken your enemy into the first year; At the bottom of the sea no one can hear your screams! Contents: 2 sheets of official premium, 2 sheets of engineer, 5 sheets of captain, 5 sheets of radio operator, 2 transparent sheets, 8 markers, 2 screens and rulers.

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