Asmodee A Song of Ice & Fire Pendant by R’hllor Expansion Tabletop German


  • Expand your army with a unit pendant from R’hllor for the competitive tabletop “A Song of Ice and Fire”. This unity brings her belief in her God to the battlefield
  • Brings the armies out of the books of George R.R. Martins “The Song of Ice and Fire” on your game table and fights for the Iron Throne
  • Measure your tactical skill in this strategic expert game in short battles and massive battles. With this extension, you can expand an army of the Baratheon
  • To play this expansion, the A Song of Ice & Fire Baratheon starter set is required
  • 2 Players | From 14+ Years | Up to 45+ Minutes Playtime per Game | Game in German

Product description: The followers of R’hllor bring their faith in her god in the service of Stannis Baratheon to the battlefield. These sacred warriors ointment their blades in consecrated oils and light them, causing malicious wounds with each cut. Whenever their faith is put to the test, they become even deadly for their enemies. Accompanied by the Red Priestess, a unit of devotees of R’hllor is ready to face up any enemy.
The unit box pendant from R?hllor offers house Baratheon players a new, loyal unit that they can record in their rows. Their burning blades add terrible wounds to enemy armed forces with every cut. In addition, the unit can also receive faith markers to pass moral tests so that it gains access to new special skills during the battle. The unit box also contains the attachment “Red Priesteress”.
Box contents: 1 x playing instructions. 13 miniatures. 1 unit card. 1 x reinforcement card. 1 punch sheet. 1 x motion panel.

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‎23 x 6 x 15.5 cm; 190 Grams


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