Amigritos Doll Assorted Models (BIZAK 62005300)


  • Fun monsters that pulling their hair won’t stop screaming
  • Pull your hair 2 seconds and shout with different sound effects
  • Pull your hair 5 seconds and will sing with monster voice
  • With 5 sound effects and 5 songs
  • There are 6 different monsters, collect them all
  • Random models

Friends are super fun monsters that emit funny sounds and sing; pull your hair every 2 seconds, it will start screaming with different sound effects; throw your hair for 5 seconds, it will sing the song with a monster voice; the more you throw it, the more you scream. It emits 5 sound effects and 5 songs; there are 6 different monsters.

Additional information

Weight 0.269 kg





8.5 x 10 x 16.7 cm


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