AMIGO Game + Leisure 01756 – Ladybohn


  • Version of the popular cult game Bohnanza
  • With bean field trays
  • Contents: 110 playing cards, 5 bean field trays, 1 game instructions
  • Independently playable
  • From 10 years on

The hottest Bohnanza variety players grow beans on their bean field trays to sell the crop as profitably as possible. The beanies with their more lucrative Bohnometer and the support of the bean babies additionally increase the yield. One thing is especially important here: acting with the other players. Because only the player who acts skilfully and in the end generates the most Bohnentaler, wins. Ladybohn – Women’s Power in the Bohnanza Family! How to play Ladybohn: * The game is played according to the well-known rules of Bohnanza (see also Bohnanza Art. Nr: 01661). * Within a bean variety, there are male, female and baby beans grown together on a field. * Female beans: These have a more lucrative Bohnometer. If they are the top card on a field, bring in more Bohnentaler while harvesting. * Baby beans: These have no Bohnometer. A harvest with a baby bean as the top card does not yield anything. If a baby bean is traded, it must be grown immediately. When growing a baby bean, a female bean may be moved up two positions in the same box. * If a field with a female bean is harvested as the top card, there is a particularly high yield. The garden beans come back into the game. Contents: * 110 playing cards * 5 bean field trays * 1 game instructions Dimensions: 12.4 x 9.6 x 3.2 cm Designer: Uwe Rosenberg Graphics: Björn Pertoft E

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