AMIGO Game + Leisure Storiez 01853


  • Kommunikatives stories Erzähl game for creative play groups
  • An atmospheric illustrations by the illustrator Verflucht.
  • Voltage voller turning point, located in the game
  • Quick Play start easy rules
  • Age 8 +

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Storiez more than just stories. To Storiez create the RAID card for map creative stories. Whether it’s murder mystery Fairy Tales or love story – this provide the theme cards against and provide plenty of variety. But who will get to prevent the set points and the history of abrupt end?. Person requires the rest of the players out to play the cards in the right order. Now it’s on the group the challenge. From now on, the way… A Kommunikatives and kurzweiliges card game, For Creative story teller. You can play it Storiez MBE3: * A The uppermost of tells a story together. * Covers do reihum always a design on and starts to make the story or will. * realised interest to you all designs. * Gone Squatching Eventually you challenge a player, because he believes you can no longer recalls all motifs. * Provides the Herausforderer and calls all motifs of you in the correct order, before the sand timer has been completed. Capacity: 60 playing cards, 1 sand timer * 1 of instructions Dimensions: 12.4 x 9.6 x 3 cm Author: Jürgen heel graphic: Jan Binta gravel

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