Amigo 01806 Spiel + Freizeit 01806-Krass Checked


  • Casual and fun card game
  • Special Kniff thanks to special card hand control
  • ‘Who Has The “Krassesten card combinations and boasts thus powerful against its Rivalen on?
  • For ages 10 years +
  • 3 – 5 players

Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years. For use under adult supervision
‘CRASS squared who’s the “krassesten card combinations and boasts thus powerful against its rivals on? Players take turns trying to get to as clever as possible their cards Auszuspielen. In a game of the players can create a card, but also two or three cards in combination. Our mission is to as quickly as possible to your card hand. If you’re as last even cards on the hand must have a chip. Who The First Player To chip it three times your personal Forever keep this crass chequered game. You can playing it crass check MBE3: * Three poker chips (at 5 players just two poker chips), each player receives 10 hand cards (with 5 players or just seven hand cards) and two spare cards, which he was Ablegt it open. * Please note: During entire game the order of the cards in hand must not be changed. * In a game of plays each clockwise a card combination made from 1 – 3 cards. At the same time have to be the cards in the hand Benachbart. * The each next players must always be a better combination. * In the industry due to is a single board, which is of the highest combination is a treble. * Can a player no higher combination playing, one of its reserve it cards on the hand. * One pair of round is extracted by the player who has the highest combination in the round Ausgespielt and he can to the next level. * Mission is to as soon as possible all card hand. Help limit the exciting ‘x’, Stop and wooden pull along cards at the same time. * This is the latest player who has cards in hand, must have a chip. * Has after many round chip it three times, he can give player, is the game ends. This player comes with lost, all other players. Capacity: * 54 playing cards * 15 Chips, 1 Game instructions (cannot guarantee instructions are in English) Dimensions: 12.4 x 9.6 x 2 cm Author: Katja Stremmel

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