Amigo 01803 Game + Leisure 01803 Cursed


  • Kooperatives and have your socks blown play
  • Spannungsvolle illustrations
  • ‘by The author of the game “
  • For ages 10 years +
  • 1 – 5 players

‘Verflucht. The players are located in Lord white sets Men House Together And Selling The Verfluchten creatures, the Drift your Unwesen. One covered by player cards on. This is either a creature or a helpful’s piece. Share what we stand the players the creatures and selling this, you don’t have to Überwältigt by yourself. This is a great collaboration is a prerequisite to get the adventures and healer Skin To Survive. A new, Kooperatives and exciting game from the game by the author. You can playing it Verflucht. MBE3: * All cards come as a concealed clusters in the table centre, also some quality certification. * All games to be able to reveal the air currents, all with a single objective – All the cards together. * If you are in the range, it will attract a card from the table centre. * Can display item, for example, your, the card in the hand. * A creature it shows, the card comes in a display uses. * With His Card Hand You can creatures from the display surface. * Are Many creatures in the display or you can create a group of the game, you just need to creatures wall surface. * * Allow the players during the game, which keep secret items on the palm of your hand. * Seal will help you in ausweglosen situations. * All cards face up, and are not too many creatures in the display, have the players. Contents: * 85 cards * 1 Game instructions (cannot guarantee instructions are in English) Dimensions: 12.4 x 9.6 x 2 cm Author: Steffen Benn Village

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