Akar Toys TRAKR100066 Book


  • Augmented reality application, one of the leading technologies, is used in our products.
  • With the app, your child recognizes animal love, learns animals with fun.
  • Download or download the application by reading the QrCode on the page. After starting the application, select the option of animal babies.
  • In the book, you can control with the camera of your smartphone or tablet. Animate and speak characters by holding them on the sign.
  • It is made of EVA material and is soft and flexible. Our product does not harm the child physically or chemicals.

Akar Toys combines its years of experience in production, sale, import, export and research and development in the national and international markets, combining its products in families and especially children, especially for the health and quality of children, with its innovative products. Akar is a new and innovative company in Turkey. It will be one of the main players in the industry in the coming time, with augmented reality play sets, puzzles, playgrounds, block toys, battery powered vehicles and indoor and outdoor products included in the investment program. All dreams begin with the game.

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Weight 1.9409 kg



Akar Toys


‎24 x 34 x 35 cm; 740 Grams


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