Airfix A50106 One Small Step For Man 1:72 Scale Diorama Gift Set


  • 1:72 scale plastic scale model kit
  • Construction and painting required: yes, glue and paints included
  • Skill level: 2 (where 1 is for the beginner and 4 is for the more experienced modeller)
  • Dimensions: lunar module – length 100mm x width 100mm x height 92mm/ diorama base – length 348mm x width 247mm
  • Number of parts: 92/16

The Lunar Module was the Apollo spacecraft that landed on the moon and returned to lunar orbit. It consists of the Descent and Ascent stages. The Descent stage contains the landing gear, descent rocket engine and fuel to land on the moon, as well as all the equipment needed by the Astronauts whilst on the moon’s surface. As the missions developed more sophisticated equipment was carried and is part of this set The Ascent stage contains, amongst other vital equipment, the crew cabin; environmental control (life support) system; overhead hatch/docking port; ascent rocket engine; and enough fuel, battery power, and breathing oxygen to return to lunar orbit and rendezvous with the Apollo Command and Service Module. This kit includes eight acrylic paints, two paint brushes and glue.
Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts, functional sharp edges and/or points.

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‎38.1 x 25.4 x 7.62 cm; 181.44 Grams


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