AGO Q&A Cards (Blue)


  • 54 playing cards plus instructions inside a tuck box.
  • 54 HIGH QUALITY PLAYING CARDS – The deck features 36 more simple and useful conversational questions. Building on from AGO QnA Aqua, the questions in this level are all in simple present tense and thoughtfully illustrated to add context and help with building vocabulary. During a game, players spend equal time ASKING and ANSWERING questions (many teachers will know that getting students to proactively ask questions can otherwise be hard work!)
  • CLASSROOM AND HOME FRIENDLY DESIGN – With carefully graded, practical questions and content, intuitive pictures and layout, this card game provides an effective and enjoyable way for students to learn English in the classroom and at home. Students naturally learn through play the various grammar structures that make up the English language, and it complements almost any coursebook well, As playing cards appear in random order, the cards great for revision, and each game is different!
  • ENGAGING GAME PLAY – There are many ways to play AGO. Action cards (such as jump, pick up, change color etc) all add to the fun. These card games are an intuitive way for students to discover through conversation and play how the English language works! Rich in sight words and high frequency words, they are also good reading practice for emergent readers.
  • For 2-36 players. Ages 6+. Cards are standard poker size (approx 2.5 x 3.5 inches). Cards feature a high quality linen finish.

A High Quality and Fun Question and Answer Card Game for learning English:
Nominated for a prestigious ELTon award, AGO Q&A games maximizes both enjoyment and educational value!
QnA Blue contains 36 simple, useful and interesting questions, carefully graded for difficulty and complete with contextual images and vocab. This is an ideal tool for ESL and EFL students of English (and as it is sight word and dolch word rich, it is also good reading practice for emergent readers). Playing this card game presents a fun way to develop communication and conversational skills whilst having fun playing a card game! This is a fun and practical tool for teaching or studying the English language – both in the classroom and at home.

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