AGO Auf Deutsch – An educational and fun card game for beginner level students of German!


  • FUN & EDUCATIONAL CARD GAME FOR LEARNING GERMAN: Practice and learn simple German question structures, phrases and vocab through conversation. An exciting and effective way to build German language skills!
  • 54 PLAYING CARDS: 36 simple and useful question cards to practice and learn, plus 18 ‘action cards’ (to make the learning fun!). These cards make for swift language learning and many game play possibilities!
  • EVEN BEGINNERS CAN PLAY! With the aid of a printable translation (get it at agocards) and a little tenacity early on, absolute beginners can make a rapid start towards learning German with this card game!
  • INDIVIDUALLY ILLUSTRATED CARDS: Each question card is illustrated for context and with relevant vocabulary. Use as flash cards, or play classic card games such as Crazy 8’s or Go Fish.
  • PRACTICE ASKING & ANSWERING: Players practice both asking and answering questions in game, and (via shuffling) content appears in random order each time!
  • HIGH QUALITY LINEN FINISH PLAYING CARDS. 300gsm paper. Size approx 2.5 x 3.5″ (63x88mm). Instruction booklet included.

AGO Auf Deutsch is a fun QnA card game for practicing German through conversation.
Suitable for students of all ages, the playing deck features 36 useful and creatively illustrated conversational question cards alongside 18 ‘Action cards’ which make the learning fun, and enable many game play possibilities!
AGO Auf Deutsch works best when at least one player has some knowledge of the German language, but absolute beginners can play, too – though in this case we highly recommend downloading and printing the translation sheet. You can find this at our website: agocards.
AGO Auf Deutsch cards also work well as a ‘picture dictionary’ or as flash cards for study. All cards are illustrated individually to add context to the cards, and provide useful vocabulary prompts. By their nature, playing cards appear in a random order each time a game is played, and players typically spend equal time both asking and answering the questions. Thus, there is a natural balance that encourage players to learn and continually review the target material in an interactive way, and means that players quickly become comfortable and familiar with the grammar and vocabulary targets on the cards, developing a deeper understanding of the target language each time they play.
AGO Auf Deutsch German Language Cards are an invaluable tool for students of all ages, at home and in the classroom. In a lesson, AGO Auf Deutsch game cards work great as a fun lesson warm up that gets everyone speaking, and also as a fun way to finish a lesson.

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