8 jars of 28g each total weight 224


  • Includes 8 different coloured tins
  • Super soft dough
  • Especially suitable for decorating great kneading creations
  • For creative play
  • Suitable from 2 years

The plus for even more kneading fun! Play-Doh Plus is the extra soft, super soft Play-Doh clay. With a softer consistency than the classic Play-Doh play putty, it is particularly suitable for decorating, garnishing and decorating. The Play-Doh Plus dough can be easily pressed by a kneading syringe or a kneading press and distributed smoothly on the kneading creations. The bright colours inspire ever-new, even more colourful, even more imaginative decorations. This colourful set contains 8 cans of extra soft Play-Doh Plus 28g putty waiting to be creative by little kneading artists. The Play-Doh Plus 8 pack is the ideal addition to the classic Play-Doh dough or to the various Play-Doh playsets (each sold separately). So there are no limits to creative kneading fun.

Additional information

Weight 0.3814 kg





‎21.27 x 5.71 x 11.11 cm; 224 Grams


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