7 Wonders: Leaders New Spanish edition

NZD $118.99

  • Card game in Spanish.
  • Recommended for ages 10.
  • 3-7 Players Set
  • Lasts 40 minutes per game
  • Suitable for people with blindness.

At the heart of your city, there are exceptional men and women who are inspiring your citizens and who will lead your civilization to their golden age. Choose them carefully and they will bring you greatness. If you neglect, they’ll end up leading enemy cities. In addition to two completely new Wonders, this expansion also introduces a new type of card – the Leader’s card. Queens, astronomers, philosophers and generals who will bring a new strategic dimension to each game. CONTENT 2 Wonder boards, 49 cards, 6 additional Cities cards, 18 Coins, 1 score book, 3 new effects description sheets and 1 regulation. NOTES To play with this expansion you need the basic game 7 Wonders.

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