4M 406806 Logiblocs Smart Circuit, White


  • Logiblocs is the Electronic Discovery System that helps you understand the world of technology around you as you create your own inventions
  • From Traffic Lights to Super Computers, everything in today’s high-tech world runs by the same principles that Logiblocs demonstrate
  • Inside each Logibloc is a printed circuit board and every block is colour-coded for the function it performs
  • By plugging together logiblocs in different combinations you can create circuits and virtually write your own simple program to build each new invention
  • Fun and engaging, teaching kids to create different devices with creative problem solving

Warning: Not suitable for children under 36 months
Amaze your friends and family with a cool voice recorder. A surprise Message box, A light sensor fridge message, a Morse code machine and more. Includes over 12 projects and application ideas: rain detector, slippery floor alarm, metal detector, water bleeper, moisture detector, intruder alarm, coin Guard, magic cut carrot bleeper and more.
Not suitable for children under 3 years

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