3Pcs DIY Kit Slime Cotton Mud Slime Kits Decompression Toy Plasticine Fluffy Mud for Boys and Girls, Blue, Pink, Green


  • [100% safe and environmentally friendly materials] The main materials are environmentally friendly PVA materials, foaming powder and glycerin, which have passed multiple quality inspection department certifications, safe and non-irritating, environmentally friendly and healthy, and will not cause adverse reactions to human skin.
  • [Baby Intelligence Development Toy] is a good choice for children’s intelligence development tools over 3 years old. In the game, they can exercise various abilities, such as hands, brain, grip, intellectual development, crawling, visual and interest development, senses, emotions, hearing, hand-eye coordination, other ability training, and can also be used as parent-child communication Interactive toys.
  • [Relieve and Release Stress] If you cannot release the pressure accumulated in your heart, you can try our mucus super soft non-sticky fluffy clay. You can squeeze, beat, and pull it as much as possible, and release the stress of a day’s work or study.
  • [Cute design] This new cotton mud has a macaron shape. There are some cute cake accessories on it, which can be used to decorate the appearance of clay modeling. This mud is cute, attractive, super soft, non-sticky, and will not tear when stretched.
  • [The perfect gift:]Whether you are looking for toy gifts for boys and girls over the age of 3(birthdays, parties, holidays, etc.),An ideal parent-child interactive toy, great for children have fun and develop children’s ability to handmake and imagine. It’s time for kids to grab their partners in slime and have a great time!

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Droduct features:
[Color matching] Three color combinations: pink, blue and green [Product Status] This kind of mud is fluffy, non-sticky, soft and comfortable to the touch, strong ductility, and not easy to break. [Smell] A light smell, such as blueberries. [Applicable Crowd] Suitable for people over 6 years old. [Requirements for use place] The product must be used in places with a smooth and dry surface, and cannot be used in rough places, such as carpets and sand. [Recycling details] Since the new product is made of foaming powder and glycerin, glycerin is easy to air dry. After use, it is recommended to put the clay back in the container in time, otherwise it will dry out if exposed to the air for a long time, which will affect the effect of the next use. [Package Specification] Single color box, there are 3 macarons + cake accessories + 1 pack of colored balls in the package, each weighs about 70 grams [Precautions] This product is a clay product and is not edible. Please wash your hands after use. Children under 6 years old should use this product under the supervision of a guardian to avoid accidental ingestion.

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‎5 x 2 x 0.5 cm; 280 Grams


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