3DiSmart – Jigsaw Puzzles For Adults 1000 – DOLPHINS SEAWORLD – 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults – Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults


  • 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles for adults – the completed size of the jigsaw puzzle measures 70 x 50 cm / 27.6” x 19.7” and includes a premium full sized poster. Jigsaw puzzles for adults and teenagers, suitable for all ages 14 years and over.
  • Premium Quality – our jigsaw puzzles are ethically sourced and manufactured, made with high quality recycled board and using precision cutting for sturdy jigsaw pieces with the perfect thickness and a snug fit.
  • Benefits – develops a variety of skills including hand-eye coordination, problem solving, shape recognition and achievement. Puzzles can also help relax the mind away whilst improving your focus and memory, concentration, logical thinking and decision making.
  • Perfect Gift – each exquisite design of our puzzles are fun and challenging. Our stylish packaging will sit pride of place in your home amongst the other puzzles from our collection. An ideal gift or present for all occasions including birthdays, special occasions, Christmas stocking fillers and more.
  • UK Customer Support – On the rare occasion of having a missing piece, please contact our friendly customer support team who will attend to all your needs to ensure 100% satisfaction

3DiSmart puzzle games for adults are great for entertaining the family, growing the parent and child bond, activities with friends and a relaxing way to spend evenings at home. These beautifully packaged jigsaw puzzles for adults and all ages 14+ make the perfect all year round gift or present for everyone. Our collection includes:-Art Collection – Painter’s ParadiseEvocative of Harry Potter, wizardry and magic potions, this image will transport you into the wonderful world of painting pigments displayed in an art supply shop in Berlin, Germanyic Collection – Liguria, ItalyLiguria is located in picturesque northwest Italy and is home to Portofino, Cinque Terre, the largest aquarium in Italy, and whale and dolphin watching. Seaworld Collection – Dancing DolphinsExplore the underworld with fish and marine mammals as the intricate detail and print immerses you into the depths. Great fun for the family to enjoy. 3DiSmart Puzzle Pieces If you are looking for hard and challenging, but not impossible puzzles for adults, you will love these. Why? Each jigsaw piece is lettered on the reverse to separate it into sections (e.g. ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ ) for extra help if you need it. We thought you might like a full size poster too, which is helpful if you are new to the jigsaw puzzle world or a pro and just want to double-check one pieceing Piece Support / UK-Based Customer Service Is it behind the sofa? Under the table? Nobody wants the frustration of completing a puzzle only to discover the final piece is nowhere to be found. 3DiSmart takes quality control seriously; however, the manufacturing process is completed by real people meaning occasional human error and the rare occurrence of a missing puzzle piece. If you find yourself in this situation please contact us to dispatch your missing piece.

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