3 Minutes to Freedom (or death)


  • Originally a successful Kickstarter campaign – raising over 200% of our goal – “3 Minutes to Freedom” is now available to everyone.
  • The brain-child of two teenagers from the North-East of England. 3 Minutes is a game like no other.
  • A combination of dancing sheep, impromptu-royalty, cabbages, lasers and theft. 3 Minutes takes classic board games and turns them on their head.
  • “engaging with entertaining plot twists and hilarious off-the-wall forfeits”

Do you know when to play a card and when not to? Victory only knows those who have mastered decision making. Yet luck decides if you’re going to have to dance like a sheep. Do you eliminate a player now or do you keep them alive and force them to sing for the rest of the game? ‘3 Minutes’ is a wild – 3 minute long – game of rivalry, humiliation and betrayal.
Now without asbestos!

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‎10.5 x 7.8 x 3.2 cm; 180 Grams


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