• Dutch version
  • Suitable from 8 years
  • 3 to 15 players

Imagine drawing, wring around, answer original questions and master the funniest challenges. The LOLGROUNT with the new Party & Co Family: A FIRST FOR HELLOW FAMILY! The game can be played in teams (up to 3 teams of 2 or more players) or with up to 3 people. Split players into teams They can be teams of adults or children alone or mixed. You can know that yourself. Choose the side of the board you want to play with: normal course takes about 50 minutes. The short course takes about 25 minutes. At the beginning of the turn, the team throws the cube and moves the farmers to the corresponding field. The team then performs the task that the box displays. When a child takes on the task, take a card from the stack of cards for children. If an adult will do the job, take a ticket from the card stack for adults. If the card contains an indication of the assignment, you can use it. As DOT THE TEAM DESIGN SUBJECT, take a challenging card and play it, but this time you have to do the new job well with the crazy challenge, making it more difficult. DOT DO NOT SET DOT, it’s the next team on the turn. When a team arrives on the last field, it has to do a last task to win. For this purpose, they take 3 challenge cards and the opponents decide which of the 4 tasks the team should solve with the three challenges. When they do the job well, they won. The individual game mode is the same as the game for teams, only when performing the tasks, the called player needs the help of the player on the right hand, which then acts as a teammate.

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