110 Series # 14 Rembrandt watercolor brush (japan import)


  • Pike using Red Sable of the best, including paint and a lot of water, including the. Tip shape is a sharp shape so that it can be a fine representation.

Brand Royal Star Conference’s bestowed the title of ROYAL Dutch royal family is proud of to the world “Rembrandt”. The brush that has been loved by the art scene in Europe, the craftsman who knew everything about the art of painting and the characteristics of any paint, you created manually process the most. The form and the quality of hair and high quality, it was well thought out to suit the application. It is a gem inherit the soul of the people who draw. Pike using Red Sable Pure Red Sable round (extra point) best brush expands to contain water, I contains a large amount of paint. It may be said that sense of draw while controlling the amount of choice at will, the paint, the extremity of watercolor brush exactly. 6.5 x 28.0mm length 240mm tip

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Weight 0.0394 kg

Tar Lenth Japan




32.2 x 5.1 x 1.2 cm


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