04199100 – PARKER TABU XXL – H German


  • Four different taboo variants in one game
  • Doll pantomime with knot knot, drawing, explanation and the only 15 words explanation tab
  • Fun in giant format
  • Four or more players
  • Suitable for ages 12 and up

Hasbro 04199100 Tabu XXL. How do I describe the term “landnet” when I cannot use words such as “phone”, “mobile phone” or “at home”? With Tabu XXL, the party edition of the popular game classic, describing fun is guaranteed for four or more players. Turbulent guessing fun in big style. XXL stands for four varied, fun game variants that make the popular party game even more turbulent. Version 1: The time races and players may only use 15 terms each, to explain as many taboo words as possible. In Version 2, players must demonstrate their artistic skills when it is called to draw mineral water or a mouse trap. In addition to the third classic game variant, the highlight of the XXL Edition Knoten-Knut, a movable, purple plush figure with long arms and legs, with which players explain the tricky nouns pantomimic. Fast-paced play games with knots which game challenge the individual players always have to tackle – Tabu XXL provides varied fun for those who like to turbulent. The rules are very simple: the tabo-tinklers position their playing figures on the board: the first brave moves according to the dice eye number. If he lands on a “15 word field”, he must explain terms such as “Rendezvous” and “Friend” within time with just 15 words. On the marker bar on the edge of the playing field, the opponent’s team presents the figure around a field with each term used. Once the two minutes have elapsed, it will continue immediately with the next player. “Whoever describes, he stays” dice on a blue field, knotted comes into play in crazy doll pantomime. The plush must hold when the word acrobats twist and bend them to explain as many terms as possible in a minute. If one of the taboo friends lands on a yellow field, the hobby picasso must put cars, a jackpot, Scotland or similarly tricky terms. And the classic game variant also ensures rapid play games when it is called “who describes the stay”. 4 different game variants including Knotenknut plush figure XXL party edition for more fun together.

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