Vallejo Model Color Hobby Range Box Set Save 20%
Humbrol AG9155 A4 Cutting Mat Save 8%

Humbrol AG9155 A4 Cutting Mat

by Humbrol
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  • Self-sealing A4 cutting mat
  • Includes scale and angle markings plus 1 centimetre square grid pattern
  • Double sided, markings only on one side
  • Suitable for use with Humbrol AG9156 Workstation
  • Ideal for Airfix model kits

Humbrol A4 Modellers Cutting Mat - 30cm x 22cm

Manufacturers Description:
The A4 Cutting Mat is a double-sided self-sealing cutting mat with scale markings for 1:72, 1:76, 1:32, 1:48 and 1:24. Also features 1cm square grid pattern as well as 30, 45, 72, 90 and 120 degree angle markings (markings on one side only).
EIFFELTURM  - 1ZU650 - HELLER Save 22%


by Glow2B
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  • Tour Eiffel 1/650

Heller Kit-Tour Eiffel
ModelLength : 18.8 cm
Height : 47.7 cm
BoxWidth : 45.4 cm
Height : 25 cm
Depth : 6 cm
Built for the Universal Exhibition celebrating the centenary of the French revolution, the Eiffel Tower was completed in 1889. It took 2 years to build, from 1st July 1887 to 31st March 1889 (planting of the flag at the summit). From the time of its inauguration, it proved a phenomenal success and two million people ascended the Tower. Since it was built it has welcomed more than 170 million visitors, and nowadays more than 5 million tourists climb up it each year. The anticipated lifetime of the Eiffel Tower was no more than 20 years. Today it is entering the XXIst century. After an initial broadcast of radio signals to the Pantheon in 1898 by Eugène Ducretet, Eiffel contacted the military authorities in 1901 and the Tower became a long distance communications antenna. A permanent radio station was installed in 1906, ensuring the future of the Tower. In 1921 the first public radio broadcast in Europe was broadcasted from its antenna.FEATURESComposition: 18 038 metal parts,
2 500 000 rivets
Weight of the metallic framework: 7 300 tonnes
Total weight: 10 100 tonnes
Height (since 1994): 318.7m (with antenna)
Paint: 50 tonnes of paint every 7 years
Number of steps: 1665

Aedes Aedes22181 Light Veined Stone ( 3000-Piece)

by Aedes
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  • Decorative elements are the rest of basic pieces in most of Aedes Ars building sets
  • Modelled over a wooden base and from a previously cut out and assembled numbered cardboard structure
  • Abundant material on most kits

Humbrol Work Station Save 10%
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  • Waterbased Acrylic Paints
  • Colour Matched paints
  • Non-Toxic
  • Non-Flammable
  • Designed for use with plastic models

War Games Paint Series by Vallejo - British Paint Set # 70153
Manufacturers Description:
6 Waterbased colours and painting guide for WWII miniatures of any scale. Colours have been carefully selected and tested to match colours used by the British Army during WW2. Recommended by The Plastic Soldier Company.
Contains the following colours:
Russian Uniform 924
English Uniform 921
Khaki 988
Green Ochre 914
Reflective Green 890
Flat Earth 983
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  • 'US Military tool modern "

Following the M1025 Humvee Armament Carrier (Item 35263) release and the release of the M1046 Humvee TOW Missile Carrier (Item 35267) kit, Tamiya presents a full set replicating the modern equipment used by the US and NATO forces. This set is perfect for reproducing the load usually carried by military vehicles or for making dioramas.

Tamiya 300084420 Sticker 2.4GHz RC Finespec

by Tamiya
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  • Stickarounds

Tamiya 84420 RC Customizing Sticker Finespec, 84420

This is the Customizing Sticker Sheet for the Tamiya Finespec 2.4GHz Transmitter.
  • For use on the Tamiya Finespec 2.4GHz transmitter that is included in Tamiya XB vehicles, and is also available separately
  • Full color logos and accents
  • One Customizing Sticker Sheet
  • Hobby knife or scissors to cut out designs
  • Dimensions of Entire Sheet: 11.7 x 8.3" (298 x 210mm)

    This product is compatible with the following Model(s):
  • Vallejo Model Color 200 ml Stone Textures - Dark Earth

    by Vallejo
    Save 11%
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    • Waterbased Acrylic Paints
    • 200ml Bottle
    • Non-Toxic
    • Non-Flammable
    • Designed for diorama building

    Dark Earth #26.218 Textures of earth and sand formulated with permanent pigments, microparticles and acrylic resin. This slightly gritty base can be applied with a brush or, painting knife and is perfect for all surfaces and terrains of dioramas. The products can be shaped before drying to achieve low relief textures such as truck and tank tracks, and they can be mixed with all other products of this range. If a less structured surface is required, the textures can be thinned down with water (20% to 40%)